OC 1.2: Bangladesh

Strengthen civil society engagement in gender responsive education

The overreacting goal of CAMPE’s Education Outloud-Advocacy for Social Accountability project is to strengthen national civil society engagement in gender responsive education planning, policy development and monitoring to improve quality with equity in Bangladesh. In order to attain the ultimate outcome, the project will emphasise on human rights, gender equality, cultural diversity, global citizenship, values and ethics, sustainability, livelihoods; formula-based financing which can help to understand issues relating to enhanccapacities of the National Education Coalition for effective CSO engagement.

It will ensure that education policies in support of the most marginalized are articulated and heard to make the state functionaries more accountable and responsive to the most marginalised at the national and sub-national. It will also build on the gains of civil society engagements in education policy reforms with government as well as strengthen the abilities of its wide constituency of education advocates and movements.

This project intervention will create good governance and a friendly learning environment through community engagement.

The participation of a diverse range of civil society groups is vital to prevent ‘elite capture’ of policy spaces, ensure that there is healthy debate and deliberation, and to ensure that civic space is inclusive even of those traditionally lacking in institutional power.

The project will contribute to enhance networking with people, civil society and other organized groups working for the right to education. It will also contribute to generate evidence, provide alternative analysis and counter narratives and perform watchdog role towards ensuring effective engagement with the education sector plan, LEG, policymakers, legislators and other platforms to influence decisions and ensure pro-poor and inclusive education policy environment in the ever-changing contexts.

One of the key objectives of the project is to lobby for increased education financing for curriculum, teaching learning process and ensuring agreed minimum proficiency and GCED so that the most marginalised have improved access to education and have a better school to work transition that will help in attaining a prosperous and secure future.

CAMPE intends to extend support to the Government of Bangladesh, particularly at the school level, to strengthen the back-to-school initiative and support recovering the learning loss through multiple interventions that will impact of civil society participation in the effort to improve national education system in schools and thereby help government to achieve SDG 4 targets by 2030.

The project aims to be sustainable beyond the project period as community ownership would be strongly rooted in its interventions so that education and employment opportunities for marginalized girls and women are a continuum.

The first phase of the project was implemented in 2020-2021 with support from Education Out Loud of 300.000 USD.

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300.000 USD
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K M Enamul Hoque, enam@campebd.org