OC2.3: Philippines

Multiply-Ed 2.0

Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking (CYAN), Inc. and Government Watch Philippines (G-Watch), together with CYAN’s youth member organisations will continue the Multiply-Ed project - a youth-led, multi-sectoral, multi-level monitoring of education governance.  

During this extension phase of the project, the Multiply-Ed 2.0 will continuously contribute to make the public education governance, particularly in Senior High Schools resilient, gender-responsive, accessible, and accountable to education stakeholders. A special focus will be given to amplify the voices of the most marginalised at various levels of government and project implementation by: including marginalised groups in the Multiply-Ed collectives at school, subnational and national levels; identify equity standards to be included in both monitoring and advocacy stages of the project, so the challenges of marginalised groups are reported; and promote inclusive, gender responsive learning recovery plans and policies, such as anti-discrimination campaigns. 

The level of education in the Philippines is low, with learning poverty at an alarming rate of 91 pct. The Covid-19 pandemic further exacerbated existing challenges, with school dropouts increasing and large learning losses due to school closures and distance learning.   

To ensure learning recovery and resilience in the Senior High School system, Multiply-Ed 2.0 will work through: 

  • Multi-level accountability that looks at education as a chain of decision-making and systems to prevent duty-bearers to circumvent responsibility and pass it on to other layers of governance. 

  • Youth-led and multi-sectoral initiatives, as youth and students are the immediate stakeholders of education governance. 

  • Synergies of policy monitoring and advocacy to achieve transformative change. 

Multiply-Ed 2.0. will expand and create new coalitions and networks at various levels of governance while broadening the representation of marginalised youth learners, including IPs, LGBTQIA+, women, and learners with special needs. Multiply-Ed will also capacitate the broadened youth-led accountability networks further in generating actionable data on implementng learning recovery and this will enable them to promote policy reforms identified in the previous and current phase of the project and effectively influence various levels of education governance.  

All this will contribute to the overarching aim of making sure Senior High School education governance is: 

  • Resilient: Learning continues in the face of disruptions and systems are in place. 

  • Accessible: Inequities are addressed in education access for the most marginalised segments of youth (including indigenous people, LGBTQIA+ and differently abled).

  • Gender-responsive: Systems are in place to address differing gender challenges faced by learners. 

  • Accountable: Learners are empowered to assert their right to education through access to information and decision-making spaces. 

An elaborate sustainability strategy focusing on strengthening youth organisations, policy advocacy interventions and commitment tracking, as well as learning collaboratives and knowledge production is set in place together with a sustainability planning workshop to ensure the longevity of the project results.  


The first phase of the Multiply-Ed project was carried out between July 2021 - December 2023. The current project is part of the EOL extension phase of 2024-2026. Read more about the first phase of the project here

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