The education system of Togo is marked by a strong demand for education at all levels.

Despite that a high percentage of the national budget of Senegal is allocated to the education sector, the Senegalese education system still faces

In Niger, more than half of the children between 7 to 16 years are out of school.

The education system of Mozambique is facing persistent challenges, stemming from low investments to the education sector.

The main difficulties facing the education sector in Mauritania include budget allocated to the education sector or restricted funds, the lack of q

The project aims at strengthening the commitment of national civil society in the development and monitoring of inclusive education policies, integ

Gender inequality is prevalent in Guinea-Bissau.

The project is part of Coalition Nationale de Guinée pour l'Education Pour Tous (CNG/EPT)’s influence of and commitment to the implementation of ge

Inclusion is crucial for academic performance and steady enrolment in Ghana.

The Coalition will further strengthen the national civil society engagement in inclusive and gender-responsive basic education policy development,