Learning Partners

Global Learning Partners  

Global Learning Partners work on strategic research themes across the entire portfolio of EOL grantees. They work to ensure that research-based findings contribute to the sharing of EOL-related learning as global public goods. Global Learning Partners collaborate with a selection of EOL grantees and analyse and aggregate experiences and best practices, distilling knowledge to be used by the grantees and EOL to improve work and programme implementation. The Global learning Partners’ initiatives are also meant to benefit the wider community of education stakeholders with insights and knowledge on advocacy, policy influencing, and accountability, among other themes.  

EOL’s collaboration with the first group of Global Learning Partners is for a 2-year period from 2022 till the middle of 2024.  

A new Call for Expression of Interest has just closed. The next group of Global Learning Partners is expected to be engaged with EOL from August 2024 until the middle of 2026.

You can see a few examples and descriptions of the work of the current Global Learning Partners here, here and here.

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Regional Learning Partners

Regional Learning Partners

EOL engages Regional Learning Partners with specific context-relevant knowledge and experience and language competences of grantees in each of the regions of EOL. 
Regional learning partners are identified and pre-qualified by the four respective EOL Regional Management Units via a pre-qualification process in an open call for expression of interest (EOI). 
Support from regional learning partners targets different types of needs or strategic priority areas as reflected in the EOL Regional Learning Plans. Regional Learning Partners strengthen capacities of civil society actors/grantees by tailored support such as:

  • Targeted capacity building
  • Mentoring/coaching for grantees
  • Facilitation of Learning Collaboratives (see below)
  • Facilitation of experience exchange/peer learning
  • Supporting learning in the organisations
  • Supporting setting up adaptive management systems
  • Distilling learning and documenting and sharing lessons learnt

EOL draws up a Term of Reference for the various learning efforts planned for and send out to two or three prequalified learning partners with the relevant expertise. If they are interested in the assignment, they will then submit a proposal with ideas, approach, methodologies, and budget. EOL intends to ensure relationship building and more profound knowledge of grantees’ capacities by using the same learning partner for the same group of grantees for a longer period. They can also be hired as mentors for a particular grantee after a joint training of a group of grantees.


Learning Collaboratives

Learning collaboratives

Learning collaboratives are groups of grantees coming together to learn from experiences of one another around a specific thematic topic, or organisational or advocacy areas of learning. EOL currently supports 28 Learning collaboratives in the four regions of EOL operation. They can be very different in form and ways of working and being a mix between online work and physical meetings. Depending on topics and dynamics, the collaboratives run between 3 months to a year with a mix of physical workshops and online sessions for sharing and learning. Regional coalitions or Learning partners are engaged by EOL to facilitate the learning collaboratives.  

Currently, the following learning collaboratives are active: