OC1.2: Cameroon

Strengthen civil society engagement in education policy planning and monitoring

The Cameroon Education For All Network, abbreviated to CEFAN, is the Cameroonian national coalition of civil society organizations in education. Since its creation in 2005, it has been active in a participatory dynamic to contribute to the improvement of educational policies in Cameroon through evidence-based advocacy (action research).

From 2020 to 2021, the coalition was involved in the implementation of the first phase of the Operational Component 1 (OC1) of the Education Out Loud (EOL) project. During this first phase, CEFAN actively participated in the development of education policy documents in Cameroon, including the Document de Stratégie Sectorielle de l'Education et de la Formation, horizon 2030 (DSSEF22-30).

It is with the aim of maintaining this momentum and monitoring the implementation of the DSSEF22-30 in order to ensure the implementation of the three main advocacy goals:

  1. Free preschool,
  2. Increasing the education budget and
  3. Education in emergency situations (crisis)

The aim is also to capitalize on its actions in order to increase its influence on Cameroonian educational policies.

The title of the project for the coalition is: Project to strengthen the engagement of Cameroonian civil society in the planning, dialogue and monitoring of education policies. This project is justified by the fact that education is a universal right to be protected and, in a Cameroonian context where the problem of education is posed with acuteness with regard to the multiform crises which the country crosses, it is important that the civil society engages more to bring its contribution, with the effect of responding more effectively to the educational needs which arise.

Overall, it is intended that by 2023, CEFAN will strengthen its participation in the planning and monitoring of educational policies in Cameroon, as well as its influence in policy dialogues in the education sector. To achieve this, CEFAN intends to develop its intervention around four strategic axes:

  1. Inclusive education and schooling of marginalized and vulnerable groups such as indigenous mininorities, young girls, internally displaced persons (IDPs) victims of the crises;
  2. Capacity building of the coalition's member organizations in advocacy techniques and evidence gathering, in order to increase its presence in the policy dialogue on education in Cameroon
  3. Institutional strengthening of the coalition in order to reinforce its strategic influence capacities, for an increased participation in the formal education policy processes in Cameroon and
  4. Establishment and consolidation of learning collaboratives at the local, national and regional levels for an effective synergy of action.

The first phase of the project was implemented in 2020-2021 with support from Education Out Loud of 214.977 USD.

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266.932 USD
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Josué Baloma, coordonnateur@cefan-coalition.org