Isabella Kila joined the Papua New Guinea Education Advocacy Network (PEAN) – supported by Education Out Loud, GPE’s fund for advocacy – as a youth advocate to promote the universal right to education.

Due to her hearing impairment, Oyunjargal, like many other Mongolian students with disabilities, faced great barriers to attending regular school – until recently. It is only since 2019 that the right for children with disabilities to attend regular schools has been fully reflected in policy.

To be a legitimate advocate for marginalized groups, several national education coalitions are working towards being more internally inclusive.

Lack of knowledge of sensory disability in children has left children with this disability behind. With a newly developed guide the student teachers in Cote d'Ivoire are better equipped to spot the affected children.

Life has dramatically changed for Emily living with disability in the small community of Kaphuta village in Malawi. From spending her days locked up at home; she is now welcomed in school and society as a citizen too.

Let’s Talk Education was created to enable a broad debate on education during the pandemic. Now, this widely popular Pakistan podcast is gearing up for it’s post-pandemic second season engaging students and decision makers from all over the country.

The Cabo Verdean National Education Coalition RNCEPT-CV—has achieved what many preach but few practice: It has made the coalition more inclusive for people with disabilities and their representative organizations

The inclusive Education Gala is dedicated to the daredevils of Moldova, people who have courage, who inspire with what they do in the field of education and show us that it is possible for all children to learn.